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Swallow-tailed KiteMany visiting birders to southeast Texas have requested information for locating swallow-tailed kites. Other than a chance fly-over on the coast during migration, the best places to look for this elegant bird from late March through July are in Liberty, Liberty County. While the bird is known to nest on the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge, limited public access requires that birders look for swallow-tailed kites in the City Park, which is a pleasant place to look for other species as well, or the parking lots of the Liberty Vindicator (local newspaper) and the Church of Latter Day Saints. The kites are often seen also in Travis Park Subdivision located in northwest Liberty.

To reach the City Park from the junction of State Highway 90 and F.M. 146 By-Pass, travel North on F.M. 146 By-Pass to North Main Street. Turn left on North Main Street and proceed to Cook Street. Turn right on Cook Street. Cook Street ends at the City Park. To reach the parking lots of the Liberty Vindicator and the Chruch of Latter Day Saints, return to North Main and turn left (north). Proceed one block to Hillside and turn left again. Follow Hillside to Vera Street and turn right. Both parking lots are on Vera.

To reach Travis Park Subdivision, return to North Main and turn right. Proceed to Jefferson Drive and turn right (west). Follow Jefferson Drive until it "tees" into North Travis. Turn right on North Travis and follow it into Travis Park Subdivision. Take the first street to the left, Daniel Drive, and follow it until the pavement ends. Park along the gravel two-track road.

In all locations, keep your eyes glued to the sky. The kites are typically seen flying low over the treetops. Good Birding!

Swallow-tailed Kite Map