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The preservation and renovation of the historic Champion Lake Lodge & Cottage will begin this fall under the guidance of the Friends of Trinity River Refuge (FOTRR). The Lodge & Cottage are beautiful log-structures built in the 1940's as a private duck hunting lodge on Champion Lake which become the property of the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge in 2007. The Lodge features a great room with exposed log beams and a massive stone fireplace. Many hunters in Liberty and Chambers Counties may remember the Lodge & Cottage as Casa de los Patos or The House of the Ducks. The structures are located 14 miles south of Dayton on FM 1409 at the end of CR 417.

The FOTRR will have three Saturday workdays which are open to all interested individuals. The Nov. 9, 2019 workday will focus on cleanup, window and screen repair, and the sealing of openings. On Nov. 23, 2019, the crews will complete the window/screen repairs and demolish a small addition on the back of the lodge. The final workday, Dec. 7, 2019, will concentrate on roof repairs and building an exterior wall section. The workday times will be from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

The workdays have tasks for volunteers of all skill levels and the donation of time and funds are greatly appreciated. Please contact Gary Holmes, FOTRR board member, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information to volunteer for a workday.

Lodge Workdays

Workday- Saturday Nov 9, 2019

Time 8:30 am- 1:00 pm 

Group 1- Screens-( two crews of 3 people)

  1. Take down & number screens
  1. Remove old screen wire. nails, staples & clean
  1. Plug bee holes
  1. Need
  1. Sawhorses
  1. Trash bags
  1. Tools
  1. Hammer, pliers
  1. Small prybars- to remove screen molding
  1. Wire brushes
  1. sandpaper
  1. Wood putty or dowel rods/wood glue to plug bee holes
  1. tape molding to windows stack for painting
  1. Windowsills- plug bee holes

Group 2- Windowpanes (one crew of Lisa & 2 people)

  1. Get wood parts & panes from damaged window in cardroom
  1. Start windowpane replacement
  1. Remove old glass
  1. Glazing points
  1. Insert new panes
  1. Glazing compound to seat glass
  1. Glazing points
  1. Glazing compound
  1. Putty knife
  1. Glass cutter

Group 3- Seal Attic openings and floor holes (two crews of three people)

  1. Measure and cut plywood for attic openings
  1. Place sheets in openings
  1. Cover holes in kitchen floors with plywood/ boards
  1. Tools
  1. sawhorses
  1. circular and jig saw
  1. materials
  1. screws
  1. plywood

Group 4- Cleanup crews (two crews of 4 people)

  1. remove dauber nest & spider webs
  1. Sweep floors – remove trash
  1. Clean Windows- Windex and newspaper
  1. Materials
  1. Brooms
  1. Dust masks
  1. Trash bags
  1. Scrapers & prybars
  1. Paper towels

Paint screens before Workday 2 - (two crews of 3 people)

  1. Repair broken/ wobbly screens
  1. Paint screens- not outside edges
  1. Materials
  1. paint
  1. brushers
  1. Latex gloves
  1. Windowsills- paint underneath

Workday 2- Saturday, Nov 23 (details later)

  1. Complete pane repair
  1. Screens- Rescreen with new wire & and rehang
  1. Rotten Addition removal
  1. Demolish the addition
  1. Seal opening with plastic
  1. Make plans for new wall

Workday 3- Saturday, Dec 7 (details later)

  1. Roof repairs
  1. Reseal flashing
  1. Seal shingles above leaks with a roll-on sealer
  1. Install new wall on back addition- Hang original door.
  1. Lumber
  1. Miter saw
  1. screws